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Loop Stitch Presser Feet

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Create perfect 3D thread arches & custom fringes with the Loop Stitch Presser Feet!

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This presser foot is a cool addition to make loops of stitches on the fabric surface. You can cut these loops and make the fringes. With just a zigzag stitch, you can incorporate a lot of decorative, textured looks to your projects. This foot has a claw at its center for forming loops by laying the thread over the claw. 
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This presser foot can be used for sewing decorative stitches on workpieces by making three-dimensional thread loops and fringes on the edge of the fabric with your favorite threads. 
Create no-fuss beautiful sewing effects NOW!
  • Effortlessly Creative

    Get your creative juices running, broaden your stitch with this versatile foot presser! Create everything, from simple loops, fringes & heirloom fagoting to one-of-a-kind decorative surface embellishments!

  • Fancy-Looking Stitches

    Effortlessly sew using just a simple conventional zig-zag stitch which results in professional-looking chenille-type textures & designs!

  • Quality & Durable

    Made of durable & rust-proof stainless steel that ensures long years of use. Fits most low-shank machines, those with snap-on features including Baby Lock Machines, Brother Machines, Singer Machines, and more!

  • 1 SET includes 2 Loop Stitch Presser Feets
  • 3 SET includes 6 Loop Stitch Presser Feets
  • 5 SET includes 10 Loop Stitch Presser Feets