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Finger Style Mantis Blade

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Unleash Your Inner Wolverine with the Finger Style Mantis Blade! 🦾

A 3D Printed Marvel

Dreamt of having Wolverine's claws? Meet the Finger Style Mantis Blade. This 3D-printed marvel extends hidden blades with a flick of your finger joints, combining mechanical elegance and cool style. 😎✨

Mechanically Marvelous

Precision-crafted, this blade aligns perfectly and operates smoothly. It's ideal for cosplayers, costume parties, or anyone wanting a unique accessory. The finger movements make the blades extend seamlessly.

Cool Factor: Over 9000!

Upgrade your accessory game with the Finger Style Mantis Blade. It's a conversation starter and an instant awe-inducer. 🗣️💬 Impress friends with its subtle, sleek design.

Perfect for Cosplay and Beyond

Cosplayers and convention-goers, this is your new best friend. It's also a great desk toy or gift for gadget lovers. The possibilities are endless! 🎭🎁

Easy to Use, Fun to Show Off

Simply attach, move your fingers, and watch the magic. It’s intuitive and impressive, compact when not in use but ready to reveal its marvels.

Get Yours Today!

Enhance your cosplay, find a unique conversation piece, or feel like a superhero with the Finger Style Mantis Blade. Order now and unleash your inner Wolverine! 🦸‍♂️🦸‍♀️